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Inclusive Underwear

Working alongside Gildan, I was tasked with creating and redesigning women's seamless underwear. I reimagined this underwear to accommodate trans women, as their specific needs are not generally met by the current undergarment industry. 

final front.jpg
final side.jpg
final back.jpg
boyshorts back 1.png
basic block boyshorts 1.png

The concept behind this project was to redefine the undergarment market to be more inclusive of trans women in their products. This will help affirm and accommodate trans women identities while still appealing to cis women.


For fit and silhouette, I thought a high waisted bikini bottom would be the most comfortable for both cis and trans women as it provides lots of coverage while still being sexy and easy to pair with a wide range of garments. 

The front gusset is extra large for coverage and structure, and has three layers in total. Each layer has spandex to compress and simulate tucking for a smooth, breathable, and comfortable fit. 

I worked alongside Gildan who supplied fabrics and materials for me to construct this garment. Through this project, I learned the specific requirements and necessary steps to conceptualize and produce a single piece of undergarment.

(Full Presentation)

proto back.jpg
proto front.jpg
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