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Reverie is my senior collection which celebrates and embodies femininity and creativity. I took inspiration from the freedom land of the 70s and the romanticism of the Regency era to develop a collection to empower wearers with feminine and elegant silhouettes, fabrics, and design features. This collection was extremely playful, using drawstrings, elastic, and gathering to create a bloused and ruched effect. This served as a way to accommodate people of different sizes while also adjusting the style and shape of the garment.

better maxi.jpg
tank close up.jpg
ruffled blouse.jpg
bubble dress loook.jpg
perry_leave behind.png
perry_final moodboard.png
finale look.png
daydream proto.jpg

I began my collection with a mood board (using Photoshop), drawing inspiration from the early 70s and the Regency Era. My muse for this collection was a painting by Alphonse Mucha called Reverie. I was most inspired by the shapes and silhouettes he chose in this painting and wanted to apply elements to each of my designs. 

After conceptualizing and sketching out my ideas, I made tech flats in Adobe Illustrator and created the pattern pieces using Gerber or drafting by hand. Each piece had multiple prototypes before the final runway look. 

tech flat.jpg
Perry Moodboard.png
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